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Campania Food And Wine Tour: Discover The Delicacies Of Our Territory

Food And Wine Tour in Campania

Campania region is famous for its splendid landscapes, for its numerous cultural and historical sites and also for its exquisite culinary traditions. From delicious dishes to heavenly desserts and high quality wines or liquors, Campania is a region to taste.

Campania food and wine tour will begin from Amalfi coast area and will end in the capital of the region, Naples. All you’ll have to worry about is letting enough room in your belly to taste yet other delicacies while our trusted driver will take care you’ll have a smooth ride.

Tour Highlights

Amalfi Coast

Unique landscape and unique culinary traditions, this is how Amalfi coast can be defined, so, it’s easy to understand why our Campania food and wine tour starts from this area.

Naples city center is different from anything you could imagine and you’ll find yourself immersed in a maze of narrow streets and alleys flanked by boutiques, craft shops, bars, restaurants and crowds of lively people.

A land suspended between the sky and the sea can only provide exquisite dishes with typical influences from both worlds, Amalfi coast being famous for its delicious cheese types, for its flavorful citrus fruits and for its fresh fish.

The tour will begin in Cetara, continuing to Minori and Tramonti to discover the best products of this territory.


From Tramonti, our Campania food and wine tour will continue to Irpinia. The local delicacies of this area are many, but we’re here for the wine.

Many local wineries produce the drink of Bacchus in Avellino and province, and many of them are open for wine tours and tastings.

Naples and Vesuvius

No Campania food and wine tour is complete without a visit to Naples. The regional capital of Campania is known for many delicacies such as fried pizzas, traditional sweets and much more. While Vesuvius is very well know as one of the most reach area about wineries. We arrange wine tour in the best local vineries where do you have the chance to visit the vineyards and taste the traditional local food.

Sorrento Peninsula

We will finish the Campania food and wine tour along Sorrento peninsula, visiting Gragnano, Vico Equense, and Sorrento.

Top 10 Things To Do On This Tour

1. Learn the history and buy some anchovy oil in Cetara.

2. Taste the handmade pastries in Minori, by one the most important pastries Chef Sal de Riso.

3. Visit Antica Latteria in Tramonti and buy some fiordilatte cheese, ricotta and smoked provola.

4. Have a tour of one of the wineries in Avellino and taste the famous Fiano di Avellino still wine or the Greco di Tufo sparkling wine.

5. Taste the real Margherita pizza at Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples. For an alternative experience, try a fried pizza at La Masardona.

6. Have a traditional Sfogliatella pastry at Attanasio or a Babà cake at Pasticceria Tiziano in Naples.

7. Buy some traditional maccheroni pasta in Gragnano.

8. Discover the gastronomic paradise in Vico Equense and taste the local pork sausages with orange zest and the exquisite dairy products of the area.

9. Order a “Pizza al metro” and share it with your friends or family in Vico Equense.

10.End the tour with a shot of genuine Limoncello in Sorrento, admiring a stunning sunset.

What To Expect

Pick Up/Drop Off: your hotel/cruise liner/railway station/ in Naples, Sorrento or Amalfi coast regions.

Tour duration: approximatively 9 hours, typically from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Included: deluxe Mercedes vehicle and professional English speaking driver, free wi-fi, soft drink, fuel, parking tolls and road taxes.

Not included: entrance fees if applicable, lunch arrangements, any optional stops, anything else not mentioned as included.

Optional: authorized licensed tour guide – available with an extra cost.

Contact us for a quote.