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Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum Cultural And Scenic Tour

Pompeii Cultural And Scenic Tour

Some of the most famous places in Campania are Pompeii and Herculaneum, the two well-known Roman towns that were buried in the ashes and lava of Vesuvius in 79 BC.

The ancient event was a true tragedy at the time but the volcanic ashes and lava preserved these Roman settlements in exceptional conditions, both sites being considered today some of the most well-preserved ruins of the Roman Empire as well as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

A tour of Pompeii-Vesuvius-Herculaneum is a unique and unforgettable experience, enhanced even more by the comfort of our cars and cordiality of our drivers.

Tour Highlights


The tour will start from Pompeii, settlement located at less than 30 kilometers from Sorrento and easily reachable from any city in Sorrento and Amalfi regions. Here, you will walk on the steps of our Roman ancestors, discovering the ruins of a once flourishing town. There are so many sights to visit in Pompeii that it’s almost impossible to remember and visit all of them.

Nevertheless, getting lost among the ruins and exploring this fascinating town at your own pace is the best thing to do.


Pompeii-Vesuvius-Herculaneum tour will continue with the visit of the volcano. Your driver will take you to the entrance of Vesuvius National Park from where you will walk on the slopes of the volcano.

It takes about half an hour to climb up to the crater but trust us, the effort is well worth it.


After admiring Vesuvius and the surroundings of the volcano from above, Pompeii-Vesuvius-Herculaneum tour will continue to Herculaneum, our last stop.

Just as Pompeii, Herculaneum was buried by the ashes and lava and even if the Romans considered this settlement less important than Pompeii, its charm will definitely strike you. What you can see today, however, is just a small part of the original town, as many of its districts are still buried under the modern city of Ercolano.

Top 10 Things To Do On This Tour

1. Explore the Temple of Iside and the House of Menandro in ancient Pompeii.

2. Admire the painting of Our Lady of Pompeii in the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary in modern Pompeii. (Optional)

3. Hike on Vesuvius Mountain and admire the crater.

4. Visit Villa di Oplonti on the road between Pompeii and Herculaneum. (Optional)

5. Explore Villa dei Papiri, the most evocative building in ancient Herculaneum.

6. Visit the House of Nettuno and Anfitride among the ruins of Herculaneum.

7. Experience Roman life at the Virtual Archeological Museum (MAV).

8. Visit Pietrarsa Railway Museum. (Optional)

9. Stop at Villa delle Ginestre, one of the wonderful villas of the Golden Mile. (Optional)

10.Admire Sorrento coast from Castellammare di Stabia on your way back to Sorrento. (Optional)

What To Expect

Pick Up/Drop Off: your hotel/cruise liner/railway station/ in Naples, Sorrento or Amalfi coast regions.

Tour duration: approximatively 9 hours, typically from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Included: deluxe Mercedes vehicle and professional English speaking driver, free wi-fi, soft drink, fuel, parking tolls and road taxes.

Not included: entrance fees if applicable, lunch arrangements, any optional stops, anything else not mentioned as included.

Optional: authorized licensed tour guide – available with an extra cost.

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